Device Drivers

How It Works

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1. Upload datasheets

We process the datasheet using a combination of computer vision, graph algorithms, and custom domain-specific large language models (LLMs).

We generate an intermediate representation (IR) which is a structured data file generated from documents describing the programmable part.

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2. Choose target

The generated IR contains contains structured information such as the register map, whether they are contiguous or FIFO-backed, complex bit manipulations, device metadata for compiler lookup of device invariants, and much more.

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3. Generate code

Automatically generate plug-and-play implementation code such as HALs and header files for your target RTOS or SDK (e.g. Zephyr, FreeRTOS, Arduino, bare-metal, and more).

Device Drivers

Metalware Device Drivers

Automatically generate HALs and header files from datasheets.

Eliminate manual datasheet work

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Plug-and-play code

Automatically generate HALs and register definitions for multiple targets (bare metal or RTOS).

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Metalware AI uses context from your datasheet, manual, errata, SDK, RTOS, and other docs to generate custom code for your application.